Friday, April 26, 2013

Updated Plans and Community Meeting

At a community meeting at Radius Cafe on Wednesday, we unveiled new plans. Many of the changes in the new design have been shaped by responses we received from the community at previous meetings and through conversation. Here is the redesigned 7th Street frontage. See the rest on the Proposed Layout page and let us know what you think!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Artist Renderings!

We have new artist renderings and floorplans. Check them out on the Proposed Layout page! Here's a peek at the view from Seventh Street.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

280 Seventh Street @ Folsom - Proposed Mixed-Use Development Neighborhood-Serving Restaurant, Lounge and Performance Venue with Residential Units Fronting Langton Alley

WELCOME!  Thanks for coming to our website, an online placed to meet & greet.  We are here to gain the community's input so that we can refine our  proposed new mixed use development project.  This building has a long history in the gay community of being the largest and then the only Country Western Dancing club in San Francisco. With all of the changes brought by time, the owner of 20 plus years, Ray Chalker, retired and sold the facility to its current owners, Rai and Tom Hutachinda, owners and operators of the world famous CafĂ© in the Castro Neighborhood.

WHAT IS PLANNED?  There are four parts to this proposed project as we see it today…..
  • The first is two apartments that face Langton Alley and are designed with off street parking.
  • The second is a beautiful ground floor entertainment area with stage for live performances, seating and a dance floor.  An elevator and stair corridor will allow guests to by-pass the first floor and go directly to the upper floors.  Surrounding the grand street level floor will be a mezzanine style second floor with a central open core made for people watching and more intimate small gatherings, birthday parties, anniversary groups and business affairs will be hosted on the second floor. 
  • The third is a 98 seat restaurant which we envision to be in the style of a locally owned and sourced “Cheesecake Factory” style eatery.  Open for lunches, banquets and dinner with a late night menu of savory treats and an extensive and spectacular dessert menu.
  • The fourth is a roof top garden serving all visitors.  Enclosed in glass partial walls, serviced by the ground floor elevator and stairway, the roof top garden will be your bird’s eye view of the surrounding neighborhood and very special place to meet up with friends, enjoy food and beverages.

YOUR PART?  You are an important part of what this new facility……..
  • We are asking for your general support today for the project as we envision it.
  • We are asking for your comments and input on the project as we move to the next step.
  • We are asking for your to talk about the project with your friends and neighbors and let them know how they can get in touch with us and be part of the mailing list of milestones as the project moves forward.
  • We are asking that you come to our next meeting where we will have take your input and that of the city departments to shape the building and its uses.